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|FTA| Clan Server – Battlefield Series

December 22nd, 2009

A couple of days ago we wrote about looking for good Clan/Game servers for Battlefield 1942

we’re on the look out for some friendly clan servers that are fun to play on, not full of idiots base raping, spawn camping, and easily contactable server administrators.

Well we found one, |FTA| clan server :)  details are as follows:

Game: Battlefield 1942
Server Name: :: |FTA| Fun and Frolics
Server IP:
Join Address: bf1942://

The server is provided by Multiplay UK

Swappable GamesSwappable Games
Low Price & PingLow Price & Ping
Instant SetupInstant Setup
Clanforge ™ Control PanelClanforge ™ Control Panel
Superb SupportSuperb Support

If you’re looking for a server then why not check them out. They have a huge selection of game servers to choose from and best part of it you can “swap games”. This means you can swap say between BF42 and COD for when you get bored.

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