Homefront – Worse multiplayer EVER!

May 30th, 2011 by host Leave a reply »

When first seeing this game I thought great things. I played the single player which i enjoyed, variety, graphics, a bit of a story line. 

I put in the “battle code” so that I could play online and off I went. I enjoyed the first couple of games however as time went on I just gave up. You literally can’t do anything if you’re on a server with a lot of high ranked players. They have a deadly arsenal and what do you have? Next to nothing.

The multiplayer is so unbalanced it’s unplayable. Every time you spawn being taken out by some sort of bomb or missile isn’t fun.

It’s like when I posted about Xbox Live – Playing online and annoyances.  Homefront needs to work on a better multiplayer environment where the servers are evenly populated with players within the same ranks rather than level 5’s against 61’s. 


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