Battlefield 1943 – Xbox 360

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I have been playing the Battlefield series on PC from 1942 to 2142.  I bought Battlefield 1943 a couple of months back but not till recently have i managed to get into the game. 

Having only a couple of the maps from the original game :

  • Wake Island
  • Guadal Canal
  • Coral sea
  • Iwo Jima

This does make it a bit tiresome after a while. You can still have fun with the variety of vehicles and classes but eventually it does get old. The grenade launcher is over powered, the tanks and planes are under powered and manoeuvrability of the planes is fairly poor.

What lacks are the classic maps like Stalingrad and El Alamein or even Gazala. This would be such an improvement with more maps as the current ones are very similar and get boring very quickly.

To find out more about the game or to check out screenshoot/movies –


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